OxGAPS – The Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies Forum was established in 2012 by a group of Oxford University members as an independent initiative promoting networking, exchange of information and debate on issues related to the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula in the City and University of Oxford.

The main areas of focus for the group are the six GCC countries, Iran, Iraq and Yemen. The interests of the group are broad, including political, cultural and security issues, finance and economics, social issues, including gender and foreign labour, history, religion, and the region’s relations with outside actors. OxGAPS aims to look at these issues with particular attention to the views, attitudes of, and impact on, the people of the countries concerned.

In the first year the group met informally, and established a presence on the web through the website http://www.oxgaps.org, and a complimentary facebook page which now has around 1500 subscribers.

The programme of activities for the academic year 2013/14 includes:
• Participation in Fresher’s Fair and membership drive
• Networking events twice a term
• A one day symposium in Michaelmas Term
• A two day Conference in Hilary Term
• A formal dinner with guest speaker in Trinity Term
• Occasional speakers events
• On line forum

Our aim is to help stimulate a fresh approach to understanding this increasingly important region through intellectual and social activities in Oxford, and online.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the forum, helping with our activities or simply want to participate in events, than please drop us a line at office@oxgaps.info. Visitors to Oxford from the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula are particularly welcome.

OxGaps is an independent initiative. Our work is guided by a spirit of mutual respect and mutual tolerance based on the universal values of human rights and equality. Therefore whilst we welcome diverse views we ask everybody to respect these principles in all their contributions to the Forum.

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